Lévi Doré discusses the intimate scenes he had to do with Évelyne Brochu in Chouchou

Lévi Doré was 12 years old when we met him in the series Helping Beatrice. He then touched us in Amber Alert, in the skin of the big brother of a young autistic. Presence, we can see it in Scrunchiewhere he plays Sandrick, a 17-year-old teenager who has an illicit relationship with his teacher.

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Lévi, it’s the very first time that you embody a lover on the small screen!
It’s true. Sansdrick cruises Chanelle, his French teacher, because he finds her attractive, never doubting that she might succumb to his charm. More tranquility, they develop a beautiful bond, and the teenager gets caught up in his own game.

Who says love story says scenes of intimacy, your premieres on screen…
Honestly, I couldn’t hope for a better team or a better playmate for my first love scenes. Evelyne Brochu and I had discussions with an intimacy coordinator to determine what we were comfortable with and established within the boundaries.

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This new job is welcome on the sets, right?
So much! Evelyne told us that, during her very first scenes, she was asked to put on flesh-colored underwear, and presto!, in bed with her acting partner. Today, the film crew pays particular attention to these scenes, for which everything takes place with respect. At the first meetings, Evelyne and I had great chemistry. When it came time to shoot the bonding scenes between Chanelle and Sansdrick, it happened quite naturally. In the characters had gone there.

In another register, you had intense dramatic scenes to play with Sophie Cadieux, who plays Sandrick’s mother.
What I find ingenious about the author, Simon Boulerice, is that instead of sticking to the illicit love affair between Chanelle and Sandrick, he also shows the toxic relationship that the teenage artist with her single parent, alcoholic, lying and choleric mother.

Could we say that this woman loves her son very much, but that she loves him badly?
Exactly. And that explains why Sandrick feels so good at Chanelle, why he finds so much comfort in her welcoming and loving home. Despite the rather heavy subject matter of the series, I had fun playing in Scrunchie. Between takes, I chatted a lot with Steve Laplante, who plays Chanelle’s husband in the series.

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What are you contesting?
Steve is not only an actor, but also an author. He participates among the others in the writing of the comedy Leo. For my part, I study cinema at UQAM. We talked about our projects and our lives in general, and even craft (the team that takes care of the canteen on a film set)which offered great snacks! (Laughs)

You’re entering your second year of university, aren’t you?
Hey. I would like to continue to practice the profession of actor while working behind the camera. Directing and photo direction are of particular interest to me. This fall, I’m filming the second season of Lou and Sophie, but I only have a small role, since school takes up a lot of my time. I love studying cinema as much as being on film sets.

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