Florentino Luís and the result in Minho: ‘It’s not a shock’ – Benfica

Praise the quality of V. Guimarães

Florentino Luís admits that the eagles had some difficulties against V. Guimarães (0-0) and regrets that Benfica did not materialize the chances they created. “It was a very intense game for 90 minutes. We tried to create chances, but we couldn’t take them. It was a balanced game, we managed to impose our game, but we could have created more chances. sir told us to do what we had done so far,” said the midfielder.


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Despite the praise for Minho’s performance, Florentino doesn’t consider he has been the toughest opponent so far and is now thinking about what lies ahead. “All the teams created difficulties for us. We had a lot of wins, now we are looking forward to the next game. It’s not a shock, we knew we would always have difficult games and now we are thinking about the next game . ”

By Valter Marques


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