A Portuguese listed company does not present accounts: “Auditors with limited access to facilities” – Mercados

Three months before the end of the 2022 financial year, Reditus continues without approving and publishing last year’s accounts.

“Reditus – Sociedade Gestora de Participações Sociais, SA, hereby informs that the constraints previously disclosed remain, and for these reasons, it has not been able, until the date of September 30, 2022, to approve and to publish the individual and consolidated results, relating to the year 2021”, announces the company, in a press release sent to the Financial Markets Commission (CMVM), this Saturday, October 1.

“As the auditors had limited access to information validation facilities and routines, they alerted Reditus management that it was taking a long time to close the financial statements, and therefore the auditors to finalize the audits,” he says. .the technological one directed by Francisco Santa Ramos.

“And, indeed, despite the efforts of Reditus, as well as its auditors, the surrounding pandemic context has thus caused significant disruptions in the conclusion of the financial reporting process and the disclosure of its documents”, explains the company, whose the main shareholder Miguel Pais do Amaral (24.74%), followed by the Moreira Rato family (10.2%), according to information on its website.

“For these reasons, Reditus SGPS, SA. informs that it is unable to meet the deadline for the publication of its individual and consolidated accounting documents, estimating – based on the elements currently available – that this publication will be made during of October 2022”, concludes the company, which had closed the year 2020 with losses of 1.06 million euros, a value that compares with a positive result of 49 thousand euros the previous year.

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