Building The Future returns in January 2023 with a free online edition – Expert

Building the Future is back and, for the first time, it will be accessible online for free. The next edition of the Portuguese event dedicated to digital transformation is scheduled for January 25 and 26, 2023bringing together national and international experts to promote knowledge sharing on how technology is redefining human progress and how it interacts with reality.

The event sponsored by Microsoft and organized by imatch, which will take place in a hybrid format, will focus on chaos theorytaking into account post-pandemic challenges, inflation, threats of economic recession, war and the energy and climate crisis. The aim is to examine the opportunities, in particular the power of technology as a driver of change.

Since the digital version will be open to all citizens and organizations, the 5th. edition of Building the Future will have news, both in the app and on the online platformincluding content specifically designed for the tech and business communities, as well as moments of connection.

“Digital technologies are a disinflationary force in an inflated economy”, Andres Ortolá, General Manager of Microsoft in Portugal. “The world, and Portugal in particular, can choose to view crises as opportunities and see technology as an enabler to change this paradigm,” he stresses.

Already Paulo Dias, Chief Transformation Officer at imatchstates that “in the last two years, digital transformation has been fundamental in Portugal so that people and organizations can minimize the effects of the pandemic”. “In the next two years, we believe that digital technologies can play a central role in solving the major economic, environmental and social problems we face”details.

“It is in this difficult context that, at Building The Future, we undertake the mission of imagine new paths and new opportunities for people and organizations in a Portugal that we want to be more and more technological, more supported and more balanced“, emphasizes the manager.

All those interested in participating in the next edition of Building the Future can guarantee their presence and register on the event website.

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