Apple is preparing a new production line for next year; The probable iPhone “15” Ultra could be the novelty of the world of smartphones


The latest is the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which will likely be the last to go by that name


Always up to date and always very creative, the Apple Watch Apple is preparing a new production line to the following year; The probable iPhone 15 Ultra could be the novelty of the smartphone world, a term that could be adopted in a more expensive version of the iPhone for next year, according to an analysis by Mark Gurman, in a Bloomberg publication last Sunday (15 ). Apparently, if that’s the case, the iPhone 15 Pro Max might have its name on the production line: iPhone 15 Ultra. Mark also hopes that future versions will have a USB-C port, which is common among competitors.

Since 2019, Apple has been betting on using the “Pro” and “Pro Max” branding to differentiate its smartphones from the premium series, which incorporate the brand’s advanced technologies. According to the analysis of the Engadget portal, the choice of the word “ultra”, would make sense, since Apple has been using the term smartwatch since its launch in September last year.

Recall that other terms have already been adopted by the company such as: “Plus”, which has been used since 2017, to designate a modification of the iPhone 14, also launched on the telephone market this month. The most recent, abandoned the “Mini”, which had not succeeded in previous editions. With all these drugs, there’s no guessing what the iPhone 15 models will look like.

Instead of Lightbing, USB-C will arrive on the production line of the iPhone 15 to satisfy and meet the new standards required by the European Union. The request is also already being discussed in the United States. The possible novelty is already starting to heat up the market and the consumers who buy the brand.

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