Strongly the end of the electoral campaign

Yesterday I rushed to the polls, eager to vote in advance. Because I admit that this campaign, although shorter than so many others in the past, seems to me to be interminable.

Cell is probably explained because of the state in fanl plunged us all the pandemic. During two long years of confinement, lived in a climate where the fear of contracting COVID has significantly changed human relationships, the Other has become a threat that we had to be wary of. Cell us a more or less traumatized. No more kisses, no more handshakes, no more hugs that we gave to our children and grandchildren, who themselves had become suspicious. “I can’t touch you, grandma,” said my four-year-old Rose.

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And now the fixed-date election has imposed itself. At a time when anger, rage, mental disturbances, excesses of all kinds occupy the news day after day. Inevitably, an election campaign is a time of clashes, divisions and accusations from party leaders. More this time, we must recognize that what has been happening for three weeks broke with what we are entitled to expect in Quebec.

The domination of the CAQ is strong according to the polls, which makes it easy to understand why the four other parties, two of which, QS and the PCQ, are radicalized parties, are desperately seeking to obtain new support in order to play a significant role in The national assembly.


The first televised debate was revealing of the degree of aggressiveness, aggressiveness, lack of respect, excess veraux which exists in the political contests of today. It was a distressing evening for Quebec and exhausting for citizens eager to assess the candidates and their program. We all came out losers in this debate.

The political leaders were themselves shaken and no doubt very ill at ease to have engaged in such a spectacle. The debate at Radio-Canada took place, thank God, according to the rules of civility and courtesy.

But the damage has been done and the sweeping declarations of each other accusing each other of being shabby, liars and deceivers have contributed to devaluing the political institution itself.

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If we thought that the televised debates were over, we were wrong. The party leaders, eager to join voters, all agreed to be joined for the high mass of TLMEP and entrust Guy A. Lepage, the undisputed and eminently talented king of entertainment television.

Lepage defendantsif the smoker blow to question them according to his own requirements by adding the presence of the cowboy MC Gilles. This one treated the five chiefs from the top of his superb.

Some fellow non-political journalists even noted that the politicians were relaxed, funny and altogether happy to submit to the always tricked questions of the host and his sidekick.

It is therefore in an entertaining spectacle that the five leaders ended their fight. With smiles, that of François Legault almost permanent, laughter and jokes from which only Guy A. Lepage came out a winner with, as a bonus, the last word.

Like what, politics quickly leads to show business. appalling!

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