will pay a new fee on the electricity bill

Don’t be surprised on the next electricity bill when you see a new tax, which was created to pay for the gas used to generate electricity: according to DECO, the new tax aims to benefit consumers because without this mechanism increases would be much greater.

Without this mechanism, Pedro Dias, energy specialist at DECO Proteste, assured that daily prices would be around 250 to 300 euros, instead of the 100 to 150 euros per MWh they currently see.

The new “MIBEL Adjustment” will be present on all electricity bills as contracts are renewed or each time a new contract is signed. This payment is unavoidable, because it is used to cover the costs generated by the use of gas to produce electricity.

In Portugal, energy is produced from gas and exported from Spain. These two factors, combined with the 23% VAT, make the electricity bill more expensive.

This new tax, which increases the tax burden on the consumer, was the solution found in the face of the demands of the European Union, which does not want the deficit to increase – the increase in demand for this resource has caused the price to soar, which went from 15 euros to more than 300 per megawatt hour (MWh).


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