LE BALLON – Benfica’s ambition in an unprecedented presence in the Champions League: “It’s to win” (Basketball)

Under Norberto Alves, Benfica achieved the unprecedented presence of a Portuguese team in the Basketball Champions League, beating experienced rivals like Brose Bamberg 87-73 with a plan they considered perfect.

“I firmly believed in the collective strategy applied. I really like to involve my players in my leadership, in what we have to do, and we were all on the same wavelength. It was another important step in the development of the team,” said the coach after the match, while praising the fundamental role played by Ivan Almeida, who scored 39 points.

The group stage follows, in which Benfica will face three brave opponents. “It’s going to be very tough. Manresa is certainly the best racing team in Europe, with an exceptional coach, Pedro Martínez, of whom I am an admirer and with whom I remain friends. Limoges from France and VEF from Latvia are also top-flight teams. So it’s an exceptional group. We’re going there with the usual ambition, with the humility you need to have, to understand where we’re going to be. Everyone, in our lives, has challenges and we live with the joy of challenges”, launched Norberto Alves, “very happy for the boys”.

In the process, Ivan Almeida, the great figure of the match against the Germans of Bramberg (39 points, including 9 hat-tricks, 8 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals and 1 tackle), did not hide his pride, but signaled the conviction he felt about the value of the team you represent.

“Now we are going to play the Champions League, which was the goal from the start. I had said away to the opposing coach, Oren Amiel, who was my coach at Nymburk [NDR: República Checa, em 2019-20]Friday, while he was in interviews, ‘See you on Sunday‘, that we saw each other on Sunday. I thought from the start that we were going to the group stage, ”revealed the Cape Verdean. “The team is accelerating and becoming more and more dynamic. I’m not going to the Champions League to participate… I’m going to win, like all the teams there. We have a team to go out there and win!

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