Dragon Quest Treasures unveils new gameplay

A new gameplay of Treasures of Dragon Quest was revealed via a trailer, which details some of the game’s mechanics. Check:


The events of the game follow the childhood adventures of the characters featured in Dragon Quest XI: Fighters of Fate.

As the gameplay highlights, Treasures of Dragon Quest is now available for pre-order, while its international release for nintendo switch is scheduled for December 9.

The game follows the adventures of Erik and her sister Mia. They live on a Viking ship, dreaming of the day when they can finally explore the world in search of great treasure.

One night they encounter two creatures from another place, piglet and Blind which lead them to mysterious ruins where they find two dragon daggers.

This brave duo is then propelled on the floating continent of Draconia. This legendary land is home to monsters and a multitude of precious items, including the Seven Dragon Stones, objects of every desire for the most skilled treasure hunters.

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