The Galaxy S24 could revolutionize the telephony market with Wi-Fi 7 in its next versions


The company is rumored to be aiming to roll out the tech to its phones


Samsung is perhaps one of the first companies to innovate with Wi-Fi 7 on its phones. According to some rumors, it could happen with the future launch of the brand, the Galaxy S24, Android which is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2024 with news for its consumers.

Most new phones on the planet use Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E. Your competitor, the Apple recently used Wi-Fi 6, and it is very likely that the brand will not use Wi-Fi 6E in its next versions. According to the backend houses of IC, the 6E server will serve as a transition, as it is likely that Wi-Fi 7 will arrive in 2024

It should be mentioned that the Galaxy S24 will not be the first Android in the world to be able to use the new technology. Earlier this year, MediaTek already presented the novelty and Inter will put it on its notebooks until 2024. However, Samsung could be ahead of the smartphone market with its future versions.

*One of the features Wi-Fi 7 can provide*

The technology will be able to use 300 MHz channels with support for 4k quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM). It can deliver up to 2.4 times faster throughput compared to the performance of its technology (Wi-Fi 6) and with the same number of antennas.

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