KLM describes the decision taken by its main base, Schiphol Airport, as disappointing

Schiphol Airport – Image: Ikreis / CC BY-SA 4.0via Wikimedia Commons

Dutch airline KLM, the world’s oldest airline, said last Friday (September 16) that it was disappointing to see that Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, its main flying base, will again adopt drastic measures with a such short notice.

Schiphol again announced that it would introduce, by October 31, more restrictions on the total number of passengers departing from its facility.

“The measures will have considerable consequences for our passengers, our colleagues and the national and international reputation of Schiphol and therefore of KLM”, deplores the airline.

In light of this, KLM describes that it is currently assessing what the consequences of the new restrictions will be. The company expects there to be more clarity on this within a few days.

“KLM will make every effort to ensure that passengers who have already booked tickets can actually travel. Passengers who prefer to travel later due to this situation will be able to reschedule their flights at no additional cost. »

“We hope that the situation at the airport will be resolved quickly and efficiently so that passengers and airlines know what they will face – also in the long term.”

What did Schiphol say about the decision?

According to Shiphol, the airport management company, the limitation of passenger movements has been implemented as security companies working at Schiphol will provide less security in the coming months than previously indicated.

As a result, Schiphol will have to reduce the maximum number of locally departing passengers per day by an average of 18% (9,250). This reduction, which is added to another limitation already in force, will be until at least October 31. The effects of this will become visible within the next two weeks.

Schiphol still considers that it will be necessary to apply limitations on the daily number of passengers at least until the end of the year.

“This decision is first and foremost bad news for passengers and for airlines,” said COO Hanne Buis of the Royal Schiphol Group. “I am fully aware of that. However, the decision taken is necessary taking into account the safety of passengers and staff. Everyone who works at Schiphol makes every effort to ensure that every passenger’s journey is as pleasant as possible. I’m incredibly proud of it.

Schiphol asks security companies to provide full schedules for security guard layovers. Hanne Buis says: “It is clear that structural improvements are needed. In accordance with the social agreement. This needs to be addressed urgently. »

So far, a maximum of 67,500 travelers departing from Schiphol per day in September and 69,500 in October has been set. The new high will be 54,500 per day in September and 57,000 per day in October.

According to Schiphol, the goal of setting a maximum is to keep travelers and employees safe and to create a credible process at the airport. Based on the capacity made available by the airport, the Independent Slot Coordination Body (ACNL) will consult with all airlines to obtain the necessary capacity reduction.

With information from KLM and Schiphol

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