37th Gemini Awards | The District 31 Armed Robbery

Excuse me sorry? Borough 31 did not win the Gémeaux prize for best soap opera on Sunday? And this is the lens — more correct — series We of Club illico which was rewarded, a Quebec production or unplugged before it even ends up on the traditional airwaves of TVA?

Release September 18

This is real armed robbery, unwarranted snobbery. Yes I saw We, a confidant title offered only on Videotron’s Club illico. It’s good, but never as much as Borough 31Luc Dionne’s phenomenal show that captured 1.8 million addicts until the hottest post in town closed.

Obviously, the members of the Academy smoked very bad stock, which clouded their judgement. Borough 31 deserved this trophy for its episodes populated by attached characters and peppered with disturbing twists and turns.

In the afternoon gala, the author Luc Dionne was even rewarded for the quality of the texts of his detective series. And what makes an attractive story on TV? A skillful knitting scenario.

Produced by veterans Anne Boyer and Michel d’Astous, We tells the intertwined destiny of five young adults aged 23, who rub shoulders in a former industrial building in the Saint-Henri district. Dominick Parenteau-Lebeuf’s laid-back plot flirts with esotericism and the supernatural in a super polished production by Yannick Savard, also winner of a Gemini for his superb images.

Even more curious? We only has 12 one-hour episodes. Comment was this show able to compete in the category of long annual series like Borough 31 and All the life ? technical, We enters the sector of shorter seasonal series at the That’s how I love you. The Academy has visibly twisted its regulations to accommodate Wethe final 12 episodes of which will land on Club illico later this fall.

Speaking of strangeness, three words: Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge. The host of singing masks invited himself on stage — his intervention of more than three minutes was not planned at all — to deliver confused and disjointed messages about the provincial elections and the importance of voor de fazon massive… for the ‘Academy. big discomfort.

What exactly did he want to denounce? And why interrupt the mistress of ceremonies like that? Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge did not respond to my request for an interview on Sunday evening.

In her endless soaring scent of settling accounts, the headliner of TVA also sent a crack to the helmsman of Everybody talks about it, a valve that came out, again, from left field. “A composition role is not Louis Morissette crying in his big cabin. That would be Guy A. Lepage kind and humble. That is a role of composition, ”launches Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge in front of a room that was laughing yellow. It was embarrassing for him.

With a duration of more than 2 h 20 min, this 37and Gemini Awards Gala was punctuated with bizarre moments, let’s face it. Like the one or Jean-Philippe Wauthier replacing Gildor Roy at short notice. The new host of roundand ex-Commander Chiasson, withdrew from Gemini during the day on Saturday, I am told.

Lively and on fire, Véronique Cloutier, the queen of repartee, has never ceased to destabilize. Even that she shines more when she leaves her text.

The Quebec TV party started with an excellent vignette where Véronique Cloutier in mode female dog threatened to demolish all the finalists by creating a “scandalissimo” on the floor of Place des Arts. A video replica of good flashes, very rhythmic and funny.

Alas!, in front of the leathernnés heads of the TV, this number of “pas fine” deflated at great speed. Even the interventions of Mani Soleymanlou, Guy Jodoin and José Gaudet, who provided the host with being mean for real, did not save the sequence.

Vero had however obtained permission to fire pungent arrows at the members of the UDA, but she ignored it, opting for her signature cheesy choreography, which was superfluous. After 15 minutes of introduction, it’s too long.

Funny idea also to start the evening with a prize that keeps an absentee, that is Patrick Huard, the deserving winner of round of VAT. The emotion will never rise in the room with a pre-recorded video.

On the other hand, nice staging idea to place the nominees next to a screen, directly on the stage. Cellule helped to breathe a beautiful rhythm into the gala.

Another beautiful flash: the sequence of small tanners, where Véronique Cloutier questioned the children of the nominees in the games category. Cute eats everything.

Another deficit of Borough 31the victory of Guy Jodoin, ofalertsthat the front Roy Dupuis of All the life and Emile Proulx-Cloutier of perfect moments, created a big surprise. I admit it, I’m not a big fan ofalertsdespite the improvements that were improved between the two seasons.

In a hurry, congratulations to That’s how I love you and Audrey came backtwo great series, and my apologies for doubting the formidable Sandrine Bisson in predicting victory, in drama series, to Marilyn Castonguay, our favorite Huguette Delisle.

The CA of the bickering ofOD

A candidate (Marc-Olivier) is incapable of criticizing “seeming to read books”, the worst thing, the worst “turnoff” to break the “vibe” at double occupancy. Jay Du Temple’s hair changed color and cut more often than the number of close-ups — in slow motion — on the cans of Bulles de nuit.

And a board of directors of four bachelors was elected qualified to pierce the sails of this immense catamaran of love sponsored by Couche-Tard. To my great happiness, OD promises to be as colorful as the satin dresses of the eight girls who selected their seven knights, Sunday evening, on the airwaves of Noovo.

In 90 minutes mountains of tight and driven by a very fit host, in every sense of the word, the red carpet ofOD developed the edge of multiple twists and even dabbled in poetry, if, if, when Marc-Olivier, 26, oddly decided to give up his single bed in the cubic villa in Martinique. “I know it’s the end of my adventure to OD, but the adventure of our lives continues”, whispered Marc-Olivier, the Fred Pellerin of Saint-Bruno, a few minutes before one of his comrades philosophizes: “come what may, fat”. Genius.

And as 23-year-old model Florence Belzile has repeatedly said, mantra luck unites with OD, “me, my genre, it’s the vibe”. Lily vibe or there vibe, the genre fluctuates according to the episodes. But the important thing is that a child never comes to scrape this sacrosanct vibe, lord. When the manufacturer sells high-end (the vulgar gag has already been done, thank you) Mégane, 26, learns that the cowboy Jimy was the dad of little Liam, 4, she whistled, in a vernacular language : ” a boy here for a childit’s shit shit”.

Our good country singer Jimy was therefore dismissed because of his paternity, but was able to return thanks to the divine intervention of the Board ofOD, the great novelty of this tropical edition. Composed of four people, this CA acts as a Greek choir and comments on the action, like us in the salons. Isaack could star in vampire diary ! Bartender Olivier looks like the Wish version of my grandfather!

Then, Félix, 24, the chemical procedures guy, was labeled “the guy with the protruding ears” by Ally, the double troublemaker.

If the face of Ally, the 22-year-old butler, is familiar to you, it’s because she participated in the docureality The apartment from Club illico in 2019. Ally documented her transition process and then went by her old name.

The operation of the CAOD has not been explained in detail and the production if surely retains the right to modify the articles of incorporation.

Pearl necklaces for men, RW & CO which becomes the new Ernest, girls who give each other “my boyfriend” between them, guys who call each other “big” with a vengeance (inflated), I feel that we go viber this fall, big vibe in perspective, to quote (insert here the name of any competitor ofDO Martinique).

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