The migrant route: she flees a forced marriage and death threats

  • First names: Judith, Tatiana and Moises
  • Nationality: Togolese
  • Departure point: Angola, then Brazil for two weeks

A migrant from Togo who refuses marriage was forced to go to her country of origin because of the threats she was receiving from her community.

“Marriage in my house is considered an end in itself. After having escaped several attempts to marry me by force, my own family threatened me with death,” says Judith, originally from Angola.

“They can’t imagine a 25-year-old woman not being married. In my case, it has never been accepted that I have a child with someone I love, ”she testifies.

Unfortunately, her daughter died at the age of six months. A year later, his mother died after a long illness. Having nothing left to hold her back, he decides to flee his community, which is increasingly hostile to him.

“I had to take action by fleeing to a country where I could emancipate myself as a woman,” explains La Togolaise, who says crossing the Darién was very difficult.

“The second day, bandits robbed us. They took one of our bags. They had weapons and wore balaclavas. It really traumatized me.”


She made the journey accompanied by her sister Tatiana, having herself gone to her country with her husband and son Moises. The 15-year-old is filled with hope for the future he sees in Canada.

“I don’t know which city yet. I have a friend who lives there, but I don’t know where. Maybe Montreal”, says the one who, already at his age, no longer sees hope for a better life in West Africa.

“I have a dream of playing soccer in Canada. Soccer is my dream,” he said, with a glimmer of optimism in his eyes.

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