The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have arrived in the UK. Find the cheapest brands in Portugal

This Friday, the iPad 14, iPad 14 Pro and iPad 14 Pro Max will launch in stores in Portugal. The new models were launched in the United States at the same price as the previous versions. Unfortunately, with inflation and the devaluation of the Euro, it is difficult to imagine the cost of the product.

However, you can easily save money by buying newer models. For example, iPhone 14 is now available online from 1039 to 1039 with the help of Apple’s official website and a reseller in Portugal. On Amazon Spain you can get it for only 1025.67 (VAT included).

Save on the new iPhone 14 by buying from Amazon Spain.

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Regarding the iPhone 14, there was a significant price increase. It arrived in America in 1349. You can buy it for 1340.80 on Amazon Spain, VAT included.

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The savings also happen on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This model arrived in our country in 1499. Even if you buy it on Amazon in Spain, you can save change for 497.28 dollars.

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That’s thousands of dollars in savings on already expensive smartphones. The iPhone 14 Plus is not yet available in stores. In this case, you will only receive it from October 7th.

It was on sale before 1189 when it arrived in our country. But if you prefer Amazon Spain, you can get it for 1,178.16 (VAT included).

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