UK to deepen probe into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision

The purchase of activision by Microsoft Gaming will be further investigated by the UK. Last Thursday (15), the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the country’s antitrust body, said it would widen the investigation after finding that the Microsoft does not offer pro-competitive solutions.


The CMA considers that Microsoft’s purchase of Activision could “significantly reduce competition in game consoles, multi-game subscription services and cloud gaming services”.

This thorough investigation does not mean that the acquisition will not be approved, but it should significantly delay the merger between the companies. This will be phase 2 of the investigations carried out by the UK.

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Extensive catalog of Activision Blizzard games allegedly owned by Microsoft. (Image: Playback/Microsoft/Activision Blizzard)

Earlier this month, when the CMA proposed the in-depth investigation, Microsoft issued a statement indicating that it was willing to cooperate with the investigation.

“The CMA is concerned that having full control over this mighty backlog, particularly in light of Microsoft’s already strong position in games consoles, operating systems and cloud infrastructure, could so that Microsoft is harmed by consumers, undermining the ability of Sony – Microsoft’s closest gaming rival – to compete, as well as other existing rivals and potential new entrants.

As a source close to Reuters told Reuters, Microsoft is confident of getting antitrust approval.

While the agreement between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard is being scrutinized by regulators around the world, the company’s Xbox conflicts with sony intensified. Console boss Phil Spencer has once again shared his thoughts on the matter.

Spencer was interviewed on CNBC last Thursday (15). Commentary from Sony and Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStationon Microsoft’s proposal regarding “Call of Dutycame up in the conversation. According to Ryan, The Xbox offer was “inadequate” on several levels.

In the interview, Spencer was asked about the promise to keep the game on PlayStation for “several years” and if that question could go further, like making sure the FPS stays on Sony’s console forever. The Xbox boss said he expects “Call of Duty” to continue on PlayStation and other platforms.
“I can’t say much about the current state of regulatory processes just because of the mechanism involved,” Spencer said. “I have publicly made it clear to our fans and customers, our greatest commitments, that we expect us to continue to ship ‘Call of Duty’ to PlayStation and other platforms where people can play it. expand the places where people play all of our Games“, he added.

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