THE BALL – A journalist remembers the match with Benfica: “The Juventus players were full of fear” (Champions League)

Alessandro Alciato, journalist at Amazon Premierwas on the program this Friday Tutti Convocatigiven Radio 24. About the defeat of Juventus with Benfica (1-2), in the second round of Group H of the Champions League, he left an unusual record.

“When you saw him up close, you realized that the Juventus players were full of fear. They didn’t seem to be from Juventus, a big club at European level. Certainly Allegri [treinador] he has his faults and a lot of responsibilities, but he is not the only culprit in all this,” he explained.

Finally, he revealed a gesture from Bonucci, in the final part.

“When Perin approached the journalists, I heard Leonardo Bonucci tell him that it was his turn that evening, because he was the captain. I think it was a nice gesture.

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