Celine Dion lives a period of “complicated” according to Michel Drucker

Celine Dion is going through a period

Celine Dion: Michel Drucker gives his news

The host and the singer are friends.

We know that Michel Drucker has a special bond with Celine Dion. He was the first to present the young singer when she was making her debut and she was unknown in France. After, the two stars have created strong ties and if the Canadian is now in the background, the host still has news from her. She doesn’t forget either, since she exceptionally came out of silence to celebrate her 80th birthday. Cell here “Vivement dimanche” always keeps an eye full of tenderness on the Quebecer. It is quite naturally that he gave news to Sophie Davant in the program “Delighted to meet you” on the antennas of M-Radio.

“Céline considers me a bit like her uncle. I have heard from people, I think his European and world tour is still postponed the more he prepares, he hasn’t sung after a long time, he hasn’t been on stage this which makes me understand his concern: when you have a voice like that, you can’t come back with a different voice […] She follows me from a distance, he sent me a note when I was in the hospital, about very, very close friends who give him news of me and give me news of her. The more I respect her tranquility because she has gone through a complicated period, she is not in good shape, everyone knows that. It’s not easy to start a new life when your mentor, and what a mentor, is no longer there. This is also the difficulty. It was a real duo.”

We hope that she will quickly regain her health and that she will be able to resume her profession quickly. If we believe Michel Drucker, the news is not so bad and that’s nice.

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