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Nopebeginning of the week, simple 95 petrol should become slightly cheaper – around half a cent -, while regular diesel should remain the same, because the Up-to-the-minute news announced Friday.

In the website Fuel prices online you can check which are the cheapest gas stations in your municipality and, in this way, save a few cents when refueling.

For this you need to access this link and select, at the top, the option ‘filter by county’ then click on the respective district in the list that will appear. Then you must select the municipality you wish to consult as well as the type of fuel.

Based on average Sunday prices, here are the places where the price of regular diesel and regular gasoline 95 is less expensive:

Up-to-the-minute news Cheapest petrol stations© Reproduction of the DGEG website

The price of a barrel of Brent for delivery in November ended, Fridayon the London futures market with a rise of 4.14%, once again exceeding the level of 90 dollars.

After the drop in prices of the last sessions, which had not been recorded since the beginning of the year, driven by fears of a global slowdown in demand, Brent rose again and returned to a level above 90 dollars per barrel.

As of October, it should be noted that petrol and diesel invoices must contain a statement of the difference between the value of the FAI which would be invoiced without the rebate as well as the value of this tax invoiced during the transaction.

The Government has decided to maintain until the end of this year a reduction in the PSI rate equivalent to that which would result from the application of a VAT rate of 13% (instead of 23%) on fuel.

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