Roch Voisine makes a fan’s dream come true!

On Sunday March 6, 2022, during his concert at the Colisée de Lens Roch realizes the dream of one of his Mario fans!

That evening, Mario and his mother park in front of the artists’ entrance to the Coliseum in Lens, very impatient to attend the Roch Voisine concert.

Before meeting the singer, during a small snack, Mario sings Hélène, the song of a whole generation. Bathed since his childhood by the songs of Roch, Mario explains to me the pieces played on the guitar and the harmonica, two instruments that he particularly likes.

The snack finished, we will go to the artists’ entrance where we are waiting for the staff of the Colosseum. We are welcomed like princes by an extremely attentive staff and the few minutes of waiting before the arrival of the singer are a moment of great intensity.

When Roch Voisine opens the door, accompanied by his producer, Mario’s eyes will return with stars. For Roch, Mario agrees to get up from his chair. His dream is finally coming true! Both exchange a few words on the reasons for his passion, Roch agrees to pose with him for a few photos, signs an autograph that Mario will stick on his guitar, the more time has already come to join the room to attend the concert. Sitting in the front row, just in front of the stage, Mario and Roch exchange many knowing glances. Mario does not lose a beat. He sings, mimes playing the guitar, the harmonica, returns several times to his mother, his eyes full of joy.

Two hours later, the concert ends after a good dose of energy, joy, songs a capella replays. Last glances exchanged, Roch leaves the stage making a small wave to Mario who, the program on his knees, looks at the stage, the precise place where Roch is. It’s over for this time, the more the staff of the Colosseum makes it clear to him that he is at home here and the producer of Roch attends happy at the departure of Mario who still does not believe his eyes.

All this thanks to the Association Rêves.»

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