LE BALLON – Under-19 Euro: Portugal beaten by Spain in the final (Futsal)

It is with hope that Portugal approached the first final of a European Championship in its history, during which the Portuguese team fought bravely, but could not avoid defeat (6 -2). Not without, however, having forced the “nuestros hermanos” to extension.

A bad Portuguese entry allowed the opener to the Spaniard Carrasco, still with less than two minutes played. Portugal reacted from there and Rúben Teixeira equalized in the 7th minute, from the penalty spot. However, ten minutes later, the same Rúben Teixeira missed the pass and handed the ball to Juan, who replaced Spain in front.

Without being able to cancel the disadvantage until the last minutes, Portugal bet everything on 5×4 and reached the equality in a move that conditioned Ion Cerviño to the point that he scored an own goal two minutes from time. regulation time.

The Portuguese team gave themselves the momentum of the match… but the Spanish team showed greater discernment in added time, regaining command at 45′ from Alex Garcia.

This situation forced the Portuguese contingent to take risks which would be severely punished by the opponent, who would score three more times – Adrián Rivera, Ion Cerviño (when Portugal played again in 5×4) and Pablo Ordoñez, towards the end.

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