$2.75 million in aid from Quebec for the patron of Seville Films

Film distributor Patrick Roy, who has just obtained aid of $2.75 million from Quebec for a new business, is surprised that some can speak of “unfair competition”.

• On the other hand: Outcry from Quebec film distributors

• On the other hand: Towards a new distributor to replace Seville Films

“For me, it’s not at all ‘unfair competition’, it’s a business deal”, to Patrick Roy, yesterday at Logclaiming that “the doors are also open for other players”.

Last Wednesday, Quebec bet $1.25 million in the form of preferred shares and a $1.5 million loan for a new “100% Quebec” firm.

However, there is no question of saying how much of his own money he puts into the project. “It seems to me. It remains a confidant, ”replied Patrick Roy.

At the end of August, the president of the Regrouping of independent film distributors of Quebec (RDIFQ), Chantale Pagé, awaits an “unfair competition” in seeing Quebec to come and help the new company created by Patrick Roy, former president of Seville Films.

Oh Loghe had denounced the fact of quickly financing “another distribution company when the sector is already well deserved by the players”.

Yesterday, the president of Les Films Christal, Christian Larouche, qualified these fears, saying that the others must also knock on the door of Quebec.

“It’s a little bit special to see that Quebec is actually getting wet with one person, the more it’s up to us to react to see if the government is not ready to do it with others,” he said. .

Reply decline

For his part, Patrick Roy, 30 years of experience in the cinema, was surprised by the storm.

“It’s a bit of a shame,” he reacted.

when The newspaper asked him if he had had any meetings or exchanges with the Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, the latter cut short.

“I didn’t answer that question. I negotiated with the people from Investissement Québec,” he retorted.

“I don’t even want to tell you if I spoke to him. I think it belongs to me,” he repeated during the interview.

On August 29, The newspaper reported that there had been no meeting on the agenda between him and the minister.

At the Ministry of the Economy, it is estimated that the file offers “a prospect of income for the government”.

“Through his ties with Entertainment One Ltd., Patrick Roy was able to negotiate an exclusive agreement that allows him to take over all of Les Films Sevilla’s commitments to Quebec producers, which limits the impact on the Quebec film industry. “, explains Félicia Nicole, to the public affairs of the ministry.

In the office of the Minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy, it is explained that after the end of the activities of Seville Films, the minister contacted the Société de développement des entreprises culturelle (SODEC) to “ensure that the films which provided being distributes the self, and that the catalog which contains important films of our cinematography is preserved”.

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