Sony could release a gaming smartphone soon; Xperia event on September 12

At the beginning of this month of September, the sony presented its new high-end smartphone Xperia 5 IV, it is now expected that the company will further expand its catalog with a new device. Through a tweet on its official profile, the manufacturer revealed that it should soon unveil new gamer-focused products.

Sony gaming smartphone?

With the tagline “born to play” and “created for professional gamers and streamers,” the company suggests its next reveal could be a new gaming smartphone from the Xperia line. However, this has not been confirmed and the company said in the description that it will showcase its “new gaming hardware”.

THE sony said that he will unveil these new products during a presentation on the official Xperia channel in the early hours of next Monday (12):

Something underlined by XDA Developers is that in the teaser one of the members of the Japanese professional esports organization Scarz uses a smartphone that is unrevealed and has triggers on the side. The company’s last gaming phone model was the Ericsson Xperia Playsince then, the company has even developed new models, but never officially released them.

The last high-end model unveiled by the firm was the Xperia 5 IV who has a screen 120Hz OLEDchipset Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and a 5000 mAh battery. This model already has quite powerful specs for gaming, and can only be equipped with gamer accessories to further enhance the user experience.

Credits: Sony Advertising

But although it was launched at the beginning of this September, the hardware of the device has some points to improve, such as the chipset which could be the Snapdragon 8+Gen 1. Therefore, it is expected that the company will unveil a new device with the updated SoC of Qualcommwith this supposed “Xperia gamer” being him.

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Going through: XDA Developers Source: sony


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