“It doesn’t make sense to buy Twitter if we’re going to enter World War III”

THE The war in Ukraine may have been the reason that led Elon Musk to abandon his plan to acquire Twitter, as the businessman’s text messages were revealed during a hearing on Tuesday 6, which is part of the legal proceedings between Musk and the technology company.

According to these messages, sent on May 8 to a Morgan Stanley banker (which is helping to finance the takeover of Twitter), Musk said he wanted “soften [o negócio] for several days”. The reason has to do with Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s speech that took place the following day and marked Russia’s Victory Day celebrations over Nazi Germany.

“Putin’s speech tomorrow is very important. It makes no sense to buy Twitter if we are going to enter World War III. writes Musk. Recall that, so far, the entrepreneur has highlighted the (allegedly) high volume of fake accounts on the platform to get away from the business.

Confronted with these messages, Musk’s attorney noted that the way the messages were characterized “makes no sense,” pointing to the total context in which they were exchanged.

However, these messages will be used in the legal process, which is due to begin in early October.

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