Collector sells almost every video game ever released for 5 million reais

a French collector published on eBay your collection of consoles for sale. And it’s not just any collection: we’re talking about no less than 2,400, essentially all possible variants of video games.

User “Kaori30” posted an announcement showcasing his extensive collection of consoles on eBay, with an estimated price tag of around US$1 million, or around 5 million reais at the current price. As you can see from the images shared by the seller, the collection is gigantic.


In some videos and pictures you can see the huge variations of consoles. The video above, recorded in 2010, shows a very robust collection of versions of the Game Boy Color, a portable console from nintendowith some versions of the classic transparent purple, in addition to other variations such as the special edition launched for Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Photo: Image: Reproduction/Kaori30 / Canaltech

Another image from the collection shows shelves filled with Xbox 360 and the most varied cases for the console of Microsoftsome being official releases and some just custom versions of the video game.

The collector continues to share his acquisitions in a profile on instagram dedicated to collectibles. And despite the sale of his relics, he continues to acquire new items, the most recent purchase being a custom Xbox 360 from the franchise. Halo.

According to the announcement of eBay, Kaori30 began its collection in the 1990s, before this habit became recurrent in the community. The user even sold his entire collection in the early 2000s, but he resumed and took a break in 2011, when he began to experience difficulties in acquiring the consoles and the lack of time to spot the releases. the rarest.

Seven years later, he returned to collecting video games after a trip to Tokyo, where he purchased much of his lost collection.

With information from: kotaku

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