Fuels fell between 7 and 0.1 cents. See the new real prices

This Monday, in fact, brought decreases in the different fuels sold in Portugal. But not all in the same way. There was almost no movement.

The predictions came true, but not all in the same way. This Monday brought decreases in the selling prices of the main fuels sold in Portugal, after a fall in the price of oil the previous week.

The changes can now be officially confirmed, since the Directorate General for Energy and Geology (DGEG) publishes prices daily compared to the day before. This is the average of the final prices charged in thousands of supply pumps in mainland Portugal.

Simple diesel fell by 5.6 cents per liter compared to a week earlier, for an average selling price of 1.829 euros per litre. The special diesel reduced the price by 6.1 cents per liter to 1,857 euros.

Diesel thus remains more expensive than gasoline of lesser quality. Straight gasoline 95 fell 6.2 cents from Monday the previous week. And the 95 special gasoline was the lowest, 7 cents per litre, for a final price of 1,734 euros per litre.

Finally, gasoline 98 reduced its price by only 0.7 cents per liter, to 1,931 euros. Finally, special 98 gasoline fell the least, only 0.1 cents compared to a week earlier, for a price of 1.945 euros per litre.

Price changes are free and may vary for each brand, for each station and on any day. But it is usually on Mondays that in Portugal they undergo the greatest variations.

Comparing current prices with those prevailing on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which took place on February 24, diesel is still more expensive than then – around 17 cents per liter – but gasoline is cheaper than it was then than those that occurred. at this moment.

Contributing to these variations are the tax cuts implemented by the government since May, which were extended on Monday until the end of the year. These measures reduce the final price of diesel by 28.2 cents per liter and make gasoline cheaper by 32.1 cents per litre. Without these measures, diesel would cost about 45 cents more per liter than before the war and gasoline about 22 cents more.

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