BOLA – FC Porto wins Benfica and wins the Elite Cup (Roller Hockey)

FC Porto won the second official Elite Cup trophy, against Benfica, beaten by 1-4. Victory in the classic also meant an unwavering string of titles for the whites and the blues, with the Intercontinental Cup, the National Division I and the Portuguese Cup.

Goals from Gonçalo Alves (8m, penalty) and Ezequiel Mena (16 and 19m) in the first half contributed to this success in Tomar, against one from Nil Roca (16m) from Benfica. In the second half, Carlo di Benedetto (48m) scored, whose brother, Roberto, is Benfica’s backup this season.

One of the protagonists of this match were the referees, who canceled several decisions after using the video review system tested in the Elite Cup, highlighting the successful cancellation of a goal against Benfica, scored by Carlos Nicolía during the repetition of a penalty, initially legal, which would allow a draw. A cancellation and corresponding explanations that greatly delayed the outcome of the first part. FC Porto had already won the trophy in 2019, so it was still not on the official federation calendar.

The two teams will meet next Saturday for the Supercup discussion.

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