Are electric Teslas dangerous? AXA wanted to prove it and now has problems

Being a still relatively new technology, there is much to discover about the behavior of trams in times of increased stress. Studies are in progress and they are not always exonerated as one would expect, especially with regard to accidents.

AXA recently wanted to show that there is a much greater risk in Tesla’s electric cars, and for this they made a demonstration. The problem is that they weren’t quite real in what they showed, now finding themselves with a big problem on their hands.

Dangerous accidents Tesla Electric AXA

Are electric cars more dangerous?

It was last week that AXA revealed to the world another study which proved that electric cars, from Tesla and others, were more dangerous than those with combustion engines. He clearly indicated that these cause more accidents and that they generate higher costs for their repairs.

Beyond this assessment, AXA also revealed a video where he showed that the result of an accident with an electric vehicle, in this case a Tesla, would lead to a greater risk of fire. The proof came immediately and was shown with the simulation of a simple accident, albeit simulated and in a controlled environment.

The scenario set up with Tesla was not real

If it sounded like a real-life scenario, the truth came out later, with a simple assessment of the video itself and its description. After all, and contrary to what has been shown, it was a scenario set up and orchestrated to show the conclusions of the study presented.

From what we can read, the Tesla Model S has been modified, its lower structure having been damaged before. Even more ridiculous is how AXA managed to set this electric car on fire. They had to resort to pyrotechnic elements and thus force this situation.

For security reasons, it would not be possible to create a real battery fire during a demonstration gathering around 500 people, which is why a fire with pyrotechnics was staged.

Fortunately, fires are very rare in electric cars as well as in conventional combustion engines. We regret that the 2022 edition of the crash tests could have given a bad impression of electromobility or cast doubt on it.

We are convinced that the switch to electricity will play a central role in the future of car traffic. That's why we think it's important to take a close look at electromobility and the safety it offers.

AXA went public to apologize and explain

Of course, this situation quickly turned against AXA, which had to go public explain and justify this situation. The brand admitted that it simulated the whole situation with the Tesla and used external elements to cause the fire and other problems. He also admitted to mishandling communication and his position.

Also according to AXA, "compared to drivers of traditional thermal vehicles, EV owners are responsible for 50% more collisions that cause damage to their own vehicle." It remains to be seen how this figure was obtained and whether your source is really reliable. , whether for Teslas or other brands.

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