THE BALL – “I have been here for many years to understand how the teams help each other”, accuses Moreno (Vitória de Guimarães)

Moreno was sent off, saw his team lose in the last bid of the challenge and did not silence his outrage in the press room, where he addressed some friends. “I will try to keep my balance, even if this way of being in the game and this passion to motivate my athletes will not change. We feel empty, it’s not easy to lose a match like that, not at the last minute because the compensation had already passed. My face is not the best, it was the third loss in a row but those who think we are going to shake it off or play poor and not stick to the job with even more motivation are wrong. We have a huge desire to change things, we know it’s the responsibility of representing this club, but the response from the athletes has been great, except for the first 45 minutes of the game with Casa Pia. I see revolt in the locker room, but it’s better to stay here,” he said.

The president said Moreno was persecuted, the coach didn’t want to get into too much of the nitty-gritty…but he ended up venting there too. “Being here with strong emotions, I can be out of balance and I don’t want that. What I see are disciplinary proceedings for saying I stand up at certain points in the game. What championship coaching staff doesn’t have two men on their feet at once? They even called our athletes to talk about it! I want to pass level IV, but they wanted me not to accept this project because I don’t have level IV? I asked for common sense and understanding when I started, I still have to adapt, but I won’t lose this passion. In every game we have chases for standing. Notice if the other teams are not standing too. And do these teams receive processes? I have been here for many years to understand how we help the teams, ”he accused.

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