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Saturday 03 September 2022

Previous edition (2857): Saturday 03 September 2022


Sleep quality opens up room in the brain for more insights

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Sleep affects our daily performance and our health in many ways, because it is during the night that
body performs vital functions for the body. Quality sleep provides physical disposition and
cognitive function, in addition to energy to perform daily tasks, immunity, concentration and reduction of
stress. But it’s not always easy to slow down your thoughts and energy to fall asleep. articles
recently published in the journal ”Science” show that we sleep to forget a
part of the accumulation of information that we receive every day.

However, even when we sleep, the brain partially rests, as it performs functions
which are performed during sleep, how to store the memories you have selected as important, in the
the production of certain hormones and the elimination of impurities by specialized cells during sleep.
Neurologist Vanessa Gil explains that if we don’t get enough sleep, our brains don’t have the
enough time to eliminate toxins, which could have the effect of accelerating degenerative diseases and even
even shorten our lives.

The number of hours of sleep also helps maintain brain performance, but this reality
varies according to the age group of the people. “Adults need at least seven hours of sleep a day.
at night, while school children need 9-12 hours and teenagers 8-10 hours.
Seniors sleep a little less as they age and due to chronic illnesses and
medicines that can wake you up. But sleeping well is more than a
Number. The quality of sleep you get when your head is on the pillow is also important.
extremely important,” says Vanessa Gil.

The specialist also explains that the number of electrical waves decreases during sleep, because the brain
goes through different phases, in one of them our body is completely relaxed, but our brain
performs important functions for our memory. “The phase called REM, sleeping with
rapid eye movement, this is the phase when one dreams and where information and experiences are consolidated
and stored in memory. Lack of REM sleep can lead to memory deficits and cognitive outcomes
bad, as well as heart disease and other chronic illnesses and even premature death. In addition to
affect your ability to pay attention, learn new things, solve problems and make decisions.
the expert.

“Sleep well is synonymous with quality of life, good mood, health, good learning and memory. something so
important that cannot be postponed. Dedicate the ideal moment to enjoy it” advises the doctor
neurologist, Vanessa Gil.

Train your brain for quality sleep

– Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends

-Organize your sleeping environment and establish a relaxing bedtime routine. Hot bath or good

– Dim bedroom sounds and lights

-Avoid alcohol, fatty and spicy foods before bedtime

Previous edition (2857):
Saturday 03 September 2022

Previous edition (2857): Saturday 03 September 2022

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