Trade is not prohibited, but “selling tickets above the price is a crime”

THE DECO Proteste warned on Wednesday that “selling tickets above the official price is a crime” and recalls that sellers can face a prison sentence if they do so.

According to the organization“inside or outside electronic platforms, trade in lounge tickets is not prohibitedprovided that transaction prices do not exceed the face value for which each ticket was purchased through official channels”.

However, “profiting from the resale of tickets may constitute a crime of speculationpunishable by imprisonment for 6 months to 3 years and a fine of at least 100 days”.

“Tickets for shows have a face unit price, written on the ticket itself by the entity promoting the show, therefore, should never be sold above this value“, emphasizes DECO.

Do you intend to buy a ticket on an online platform? DECO leaves recommendations

  1. Make sure you are using a protected device (mobile phone, tablet or computer) against malware. If possible, avoid shared wi-fi networks, as the transaction will involve the provision of personal data and the use of means of payment.
  2. choose one official ticket seller for this show, which offers more security guarantees. Check the list of official sellers on the show’s promoter’s website.
  3. mistrust platforms whose reputation is tarnished by numerous complaints, in particular when the complaints allege a lack of response to consumer messages.
  4. Avoid platforms based outside the European Union. In the event of a conflict, it may be more difficult to enforce your rights.
  5. Check if the platform has the usual requirements for security: address starting with https://; padlock symbol before the address; full identification of the selling entity, including physical address.
  6. record information about the platform’s terms and conditions and privacy policies, as well as any cancellation policies.
  7. Whenever possible, do Payment with means that do not require the provision of sensitive banking data, such as the MB Way for example.
  8. save the received and the ticket that you may receive by e-mail. Although at the time of purchase you will be asked for your full name, among other data, if you lose the email containing the ticket, you will hardly be able to access the show.
  9. If you regret the purchase, cannot return the ticket. The right to terminate the contract does not apply to this type of activity, when the contract provides for a specific date. Can offer or even resell the ticket to someone else, but can never receive more than he paid, under penalty of committing a crime.

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