Surviving the whirlwind of elections

Let’s go ! The election campaign to determine what part of the price power on October 3 started yesterday in the province. Let’s get down to business, it’s going to get messy.

For me, election campaigns are dizzying. This is why I have established golden rules that I will respect until October 3, in order to see clearly in all this electoral whirlwind.

golden rules month

During the next few weeks, we will be charmed. We will be launched full of beautiful promises (remains to be seen asked we will believe). It is up to us to remain vigilantes.

Here are the commitments that help me keep a cool head during the election period:

  • I undertake to go and consult the programs of the parties that present themselves. Cell will allow me to fully understand what each party offers in all areas, trying not to be distracted by sensationalist news;
  • I pledge to identify a few issues that are important to me and to follow closely what the parties are proposing for them;
  • I agree to discuss the various issues raised during the campaign with those around me. Cell will allow me to better dissect what we are offered according to the values ​​that I share with the important people in my life;
  • I am committed to motivating my friends to vote. What could be better than feeling that people our age are also ready to make things happen? It allows us to stay firmly rooted in what we want for the future of our generation;
  • And finally, after having followed the campaign closely and getting information, on October 3, I pledge to trust myself, to follow what my heart tells me to tick on my little piece of paper.

Keeping a clear vision in the electoral hubbub ultimately allows you to make an informed choice.

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