Pokémon car unveiled at Gamescom

the British car manufacturer miniature enjoyed his time in the Gamescom 2022the annual trade fair for electronic games which takes place in Germany, to present the mini x pokemon, a Pokémon car concept inspired by the famous character Pikachu, a beloved little creature from the franchise universe. The concept unveiled is part of a special edition of the electric car Asmanlaunched by the company in July.

THE miniature showed the car during the event Gamescom Opening Night Live. In the presentation, details were shown on how the built-in projector allows people to play games and watch videos right on the car dashboard.

On the outside, the car features neon detailing, providing that gamer look that many love. The headlights, on the other hand, adopt less rounded lines compared to the brand’s other cars. In terms of size, the Asman it has a length of 4.05 m, a width of 1.99 m and a height of 1.59 m. Four doors, the vehicle has interior space for five seats.

Mini x pokemon: the pokemon car is presented at gamescon
Mini x Pokémon is backed by the Mini Aceman, an electric vehicle from the British automaker (Disclosure/Mini)

When starting the vehicle, the panel is dominated by a Poké Ball, which soon opens revealing Pikachu. In addition, it is possible to use the integrated projector to play games on the console or watch a movie or series in the car. In this sense, however, the miniature has yet to provide further details on which consoles can be connected to the mini x pokemon.

O Mini Concept Aceman visible visually and in all its details during the face-to-face of Gamescom 2022. Additionally, visitors can purchase toy versions of the car recreated in detail.

mini x pokemon
Mini x Pokémon has no values ​​or date to hit the market, if so (Reading/Internet)

For the moment, the automaker has not announced if the model will actually be marketed one day. Therefore, there are no announced dates or prices (yet). However, anyone who wants to check a little more and test the mini ace can try the miniversa 3D game created by miniature in which you can drive and interact with other players.

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