Incredible: Ferrari stops Leclerc to try the best lap, Monegasque misses a goal and ends up penalized – Formula 1

The season is progressing and Ferrari… is not learning. After Saturday put the wrong tires on Charles Leclerc’s car in Q3 for the Belgian Grand Prixthe Italian team shot themselves in the foot again On the run, when the Monegasque was called to the pits in the final stages of the race, to switch to soft tires in search of the fastest lap. It was against the wishes of the pilot himself, who said over the radio that he would “not risk it at this stage”. Annoyed, he obeys. The idea was to take the extra point away from Max Verstappen, but the plan was totally screwed up. First because Leclerc came out of the pits under pressure from Fernando Alonso, to the point of losing the place to the Spaniard. With great difficulty – starting with a useless effort on the tires and also on the engine – the Monegasque managed to regain the place there and climb to fifth place. With the way clear, the next mission followed: try the fastest lap. The first sector immediately stated that this was very unlikely to happen and the rest of the round confirmed it. There was no fastest lap, no extra points, of course. But the worst was yet to come. Seconds after the end of the race, race direction reported that Leclerc had exceeded the speed limit in the pit area by… one kilometer per hour. A marginal difference, but according to F1 rules it’s worth as much as if there were 10 km/h more: penalty of five seconds in the final time. And that, after all, pushed the Ferrari driver to sixth place, behind Fernando Alonso, who gained a place for free in the face of yet another mistake by the Italian team.

The most incredible of all (it’s just one more…) is that the Monegasque driver was not informed of the penalty by the team, having learned about it from a journalist who, in the mixed zone, l asked about the race.

Bad luck never comes alone

Indeed, Charles Leclerc seems literally pursued by bad luck. As if all the problems he’s had so far at the World Cup weren’t enough – some because of his squad – the Monegasque saw his run at Spa conditioned from the start, when a plastic visor stepped on his brakes. and forced him to stop on the first lap. A plastic which, we learned later, would have come out of Red Bull … Max Verstappen. It was unintentional, of course, as many drivers do, but just (another) moment of bad luck for Leclerc. Maybe the best… is to go see the witch.

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