How much and how to save? Find out what to do to avoid a €30 hike on your gas bill

How much can I save on the account if I switch back to the regulated rate gas?
The Energy Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE) carries out the simulation. A couple with two children and without central heating, with an annual consumption of 292 cubic meters of gas, which was on the regulated market, paid 23.41 euros per month. If you were an EDP Comercial customer, you would already pay 28.10 euros, at Galp Power 56.16 euros and at Iberdrola the bill would reach 69.37 euros. With an expected increase at EDP of around 30 euros more from October, prices on the open market would rise to at least 60 euros. Although an increase is also expected on the regulated market, this is limited to 3.9%, so being on the regulated market can represent a saving of 4 to 46 euros per month compared to what you would pay on the liberalized market, according to the operator. .

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