The highest salaries in Portugal

Rising prices have marked the last few months and data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) show that the increase in wages is well below inflation. In the second quarter of this year, the average gross monthly remuneration per employee increased by 3.1% over one year, which means, taking into account the impact of inflation, a fall of 4.6% in real terms . But behind these figures hides a great asymmetry between the different sectors of activity and trades. What are the occupations whose wages are increasing the most? That’s the question Expresso posed to recruitment firms and industry associations.

INE data indicates that the strongest year-on-year growth in average total gross earnings, in the second quarter of the year (the last for which data is available), occurred in the “Electricity, gas, steam, hot and cold water and “cold air” sector”, with 21.2%. It is true that this number had an extraordinary factor. The INE explains that this significant growth was due the payment of non-regular remuneration (such as non-monthly bonuses and bonuses or vacation pay) in May 2022, while the previous year this payment was made in February.Even so, recruiters and industry associations point out that there are functions where salary appreciation was visible.

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