TAP passengers refuse to board planes rented from other companies

“Delay in the delivery of Embraer aircraft and peak demand” have led the company to resort to leasing contracts, recognizes the CEO of the air carrier, Christine Ourmieres-Widener.

Several TAP customers have refused to board planes leased from other airlines. This Monday alone, 14 business class passengers refused to travel from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on a plane from the Portuguese company Hi Fly, formerly Air Luxor, saying that first class comfort is inferior to that of TAP aircraft, found the Cash.

The CEO of TAP, Christine Ourmieres-Widener, is aware that many “customers may be disappointed”, but stresses that “passengers are always informed before travelling”, she declared on Tuesday, at the end of the company’s first semester presentation press conference. results. Ourmieres-Widener admitted that TAP had signed a contract with Hi Fly under an ACMI regime (aircraft rental, including pilots, crew, maintenance and insurance) to cope with “a peak in demand”, but also because “There have been delays in the delivery of Embraer aircraft”. “It’s a traditional practice in the industry,” he concludes.

In response to Dinheiro Vivo, TAP’s communication office clarified that, for the moment, deliveries of five Embraer aircraft to Portugal are delayed, four of which are in the commissioning phase, in Lisbon. “At the end of August, Portugália will have 15 Embraer aircraft in service, in September there will be 16 and, at the end of October, 18 aircraft. The last of 19 Embraer aircraft will come online in November,” the airline adds.

In July, TAP had already admitted a disruption situation with 40% of flights delayed. To mitigate the negative impacts, the company then decided to enter into a contract with Hi Fly under ACMI for a period of one month to operate on the routes to Punta Cana, Warsaw and Vienna.

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