Commander Antonov broadcasts flight on AN-124 live to raise funds for the war

Despite the Russian invasion, Antonov continues to fly out of Ukraine and one was released by a commander to raise funds.

Antonov An-124

While the lone An-225 Mriya was destroyed after a battle between Russia and Ukraine at Gostomel airport, most of the smaller (but equally capable) An-124 Ruslan four-engined aircraft managed to evade the Russian invasion and to continue to fly since a base in Germany.

In this context, the famous captain Dmytro Antonov, chief pilot of Antonov Airlines and popular for his Internet channel showing the operations of the Ukrainian airline around the world, broadcast live one of his flights this Sunday morning 21 august.

The flight, which lasted just under an hour, was intended to raise funds. During the flight, the commander presented a QR code on the screen for anyone wishing to donate. In the end, the stated objective was to raise the necessary funds for the purchase of drones for Ukraine, important equipment for surveillance and defense against the Russians.

During the video, it is possible to see several angles of the cabin and external parts of the aircraft, giving an idea of ​​the complexity of the operation of this large aircraft. The images can be seen below.

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