For the first time, the ex-spouse of Audrey-Louise of Star Académie speaks about their breakup

It was last April that rumors began to circulate everywhere in the province; Audrey-Louise Beauséjour and her spouse, Benjamin, would no longer be together. Some months later, the one that won the hearts of many Quebecers in the most recent edition of star academy confirmed that she was, indeed, no longer in a relationship.

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For the first time, during an interview with the blog narcity, Benjamin broke the silence about this so-called breakup and even announced that he had written a song about it.

“In fact, when Audrey and I separated, it was a real shock in my life. It wasn’t something I personally envisioned having a blended family hatch with a six-month-old baby girl. It was one of the first that I actually wrote. Audrey had left with our little Adèle and I was alone in my house with my dog ​​and the idea came to me because I was sitting on the couch. I saw everyone passing in the street and I really had the impression that my life had stopped”, he conferred.

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“It was on break and everyone was going on with their lives, basically the image I had when I made the song was that I was sinking in a swimming pool. I was in the bottom of the pool and I saw everyone barbecuing and having fun outside and I was in the pool drowning. Could nothing was going, so the tune came from that in the background,” he added.

Remember that Audrey-Louise and Benjamin have a little girl together, the pretty Adele.

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