The Curse of Anne Heche’s Family

Nancy Heche, the mother of actress Anne Heche, has now lost four of her five children.

• On the other hand: Anne Heche succumbs to her injuries

• On the other hand: Anne Heche allegedly used drugs before her accident

• On the other hand: The actress Anne Heche between life and death after a violent accident

The 85-year-old woman has gone through several painful ordeals during her life. Her husband Donald, who was secretly gay, died of AIDS in 1983.

Before the birth of Anne Heche, the couple had lost their daughter Cynthia, who died of heart failure at the age of two months.

Anne’s brother, Nathan, died in a car accident when he was 18, just three months after the death of his father Donald.

Susan, who was an author and professor of literature, died of brain cancer in 2006. She was then 48 years old.

Today, Nancy Heche therefore only has one of her children who is alive: Abigail. The latter is an entrepreneur and jewelry designer aged in her fifties.

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In a memoir published in 2006 and entitled “The Truth Comes Out: When Someone You Love is in a Same-Sex Relationship”, Nancy Heche lifted the veil on her marriage.

It is noted that they are spouses and consumed amyl nitrite in order to improve their difficult sex life. Nancy Heche also mentions having had extramarital affairs with several married men.

Her husband would have revealed his homosexuality to her only on his deathbed.

“The dots then connected like lipstick dynamite and the wick started burning until it exploded. I realized that I’ve been tied down for my entire marriage.

A fervent Christian, Nancy Heche was also furious when her daughter Anne confessed to her in 1997 that she had fallen in love with Ellen Degeneres.

“I am stunned, in shock. Doesn’t Anne know what homosexuality has done to our family,” writes Nancy Heche in her memoir.

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