Another supermoon is observed in the skies of Brazil. Indeed, the climatic conditions are favorable in Nova Friburgo.

It’s the third and last supermoon of the year. It’s a term little used by astronomers, but in practice it means that the Moon appears larger and brighter than usual, as it is near its perigee, the closest point to Earth during its orbit. .

This August supermoon is known as the “Sturgeon Supermoon”. The name is linked to when the fish was found in large numbers in the Great Lakes of North America, a huge collection of freshwater lakes between Canada and the United States.

It’s the third time we’ve had a supermoon in 2022, according to NASA, the US space agency. The first was the Strawberry Supermoon in June and the second was the “Deer Supermoon” in July.

NASA explains that for the approach of our natural satellite to be considered a supermoon, a new moon or a full moon must be above the 90% limit of perigee.