Will luggage transport be a thing of the past? The promise of smart suitcases

Even if you love to travel, carrying the bags that the act entails is surely one of the worst tasks included in the whole process.

At the time when tourism was so expensive that only the elite could afford it – a reality which remained essentially until the post-war period – there were employees (the servants…) for carry luggage. With the democratization of travel made possible by the growth of liberal economies, first, and when authoritarian regimes finally opened borders to at least some of their citizens, global traffic reached unthinkable figures in the middle of the 20th century.

As a result, the amount of baggage carried has increased exponentially. And the vast majority continued to be transported, on short journeys, by human power.

Until 1970, American Bernard Sadow had the simple idea of ​​putting wheels and a handle in his suitcase to pull it around. It occurred to him at the airport in Puerto Rico, as he was returning from Aruba, West Indies, with his wife and children, and he had two heavy suitcases to carry. Brilliant idea!

Simply not. He will say to CNN, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the invention: “I showed [o protótipo] to all the big stores in New York and various retailers and everyone said it was crazy stuff. “Nobody wants to pull a wheeled luggage! “People just didn’t think that way.”

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