The third Airbus A321 XLR prototype rolls off the assembly line in Germany

The third prototype of the Airbus A321 XLR model rolled off the assembly line in Hamburg (Germany) this week. The aircraft is the European manufacturer’s latest bet to consolidate its position in a segment where it has no competitors, that of long-haul flights with single-aisle aircraft.

A first photo of the aircraft, still unpainted, was shared on social media by photographer Tobias Gudat (below, wait for loading).

On June 15, the first prototype of the A321XLR (msn 11,000) flew for the first time to begin a battery of flight tests which should be completed in 2023, when Airbus plans to obtain type certification for the model. First delivery and commercial commissioning are scheduled for 2024.

During the test period, three prototypes will fly across Europe, the other two being MSN 11,000 and 11,058.

The A321 XLR has an aisle and a capacity of 244 passengers, being built entirely with the A321neo as its base, except that it has an additional fuel tank, which gives it that extra range, up to 8,700 km.

This variant was launched by Airbus at the Paris Air Show in May 2019 and has no competitor in the same class. It has sold nearly 500 units to companies such as Middle East Airlines (launch customer), American Airlines, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Air Canada.

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