THE BALL – João Matias wins the sprint in Viseu (Cycling)

João Matias (TavFer-Mortágua-Ovos Matinados) was the winner of the 4th stage of the Volta a Portugal, disputed between Guarda and Viseu, over a distance of 169.1 km, with a time of 3:55.11 hours (average of 43 km/h).

The finish was made in a sprint, after the peloton had canceled a breakaway of seven cyclists at the entrance to the town of Visé. The formation of Tavira prepared the entry into the straight line of its runner, who had only the North American Scott McGill as an opponent.

In the general classification there is no change in the first places, so Maurício Moreira (Glassdrive / Q8 / Anicolor) keeps the yellow jersey.

“It was one of the stages planned for me and for the team, it was one of the objectives. Even for me, with the arrival so close to Mortágua. It’s as if I had spent the day sitting on the couch … I did not sweat a drop when I cracked. Before it was marked for me, it was for the team. With Bruno Silva involved in the escape, we were able to defend behind. With the escape caught up, he followed the plan laid out by Gustavo Veloso. Everything went perfectly”, declared João Matias at the end of the stage to the microphones of RTP.

The cyclists are entitled to a rest day before hitting the road again on Wednesday, with the 5th stage taking place between Mealhada and Miranda do Corvo, over a distance of 165.7 km.

Ranking of the 4th stage:

1st João Matias (TAV), 3.55.11 a.m.;

2nd Scott McGill (WGC), same time;

3rd Andoni López (CJR), mt;

4th Alexander Molenaar (BBH), mt;

5th Thomas Armstrong (EHE), mt.

Global mark :

1st Maurício Moreira (GCT), 17.54.55 hours;

2nd Frederico Figueiredo (GCT), 30 seconds away;

3rd Luís Fernandes (RPB), at 31 s.

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