Bosch creates a technical curriculum and awards a scholarship of three thousand euros per year

Bosch de Braga and the Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave (IPCA), in Barcelos, have just launched a Higher Professional Technical Course (CTeSP) in Industrialization and Smart Manufacturing, it was announced today.

In a statement, the company explains that the course is aimed at students who show an interest in specializing in a technical field and who have at least a level 12 background in the technological field (science).

In the starter edition of this course, students will be both Bosch employees and external student candidates. For external students, Bosch offers an internship grant in the amount of three thousand euros per academic year.

Applications are now open and run until August 19.

The beginning of the course will begin next October.

“Under the motto ‘ENJOY. DEVELOP. LEARN’, it is a professional development course of ‘refresher’ and ‘requalification’ for those who want to acquire new skills in the fields of industrial technology, the program of which is distinguished by a strong practical component – each week combines two days of classes at the IPCA with three days of internship to be carried out at the Bosch facilities in Braga. The learning processes will take place in collaboration with the local technical teams and the internship activities are designed to be compatible with the technological needs of the company,” the statement said.

This TeSP course in Industrialization and Smart Manufacturing organized by Bosch and the Escola Técnica Superior Profissional do IPCA lasts two years and guarantees a level 5 diploma, as well as accreditations in undergraduate courses.

With a study plan that includes subjects such as mathematics, computer science, electricity, energy, electronics, automation, robotics, among others, this specialized training aims to provide students with skills and knowledge in areas and activities such as: equipment engineering, preventive maintenance, machine calibration, corrective maintenance (mechanical assistance, software installation, electronics, automation), real-time monitoring of process parameters and machinery, development of solutions to improve energy efficiency, among others.

Interested persons can apply here.

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