MultiVersus Season 1 will include Ranked and Arcade modes

Warner Bros. Games and Player First showcased key content on the way to MultiVersus for Season 1 challenges and rewards being prepared for free play.

Previously scheduled for August 9, but delayed without a new date, MultiVersus Season 1 includes a new Battle Pass with 50 levels and Morty, but now more information about the new content has been revealed which shows much more than what has been revealed.

To mark Evo 2022, it’s been revealed that MultiVersus will be getting Ranked and Arcade modes in August, new icons, flags, a Robin costume for LeBron James, and more cosmetics that you can probably only buy with Gleamium. , a digital currency purchased with real money.

MultiVersus has been available since July 23 and despite the term open beta used in the description, Warner Bros. Games says the game will be constantly updated and your progress won’t be erased when it leaves open beta. Also, you won’t have to download the game when it comes out of beta, you’ll just have to update it.

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