LE BALLON – Under 23: Benfica start the Opening Tournament with a rout (Football)

It was with an expressive result that Benfica kicked off the opening tournament of La Liga Revelação. Portimonense held on until a header from Hugo Félix gave the Eagles the lead.

The reds made it 2-0 at halftime, thanks to José Marques on 43′, and the second half proved fruitful in terms of goals. Hugo Faria increased (3-0), from the head, at 51′ and Franculino Dju entered the list of scorers at 65′.

Benfica started the rout, but Portimonense reacted with two goals spaced six minutes apart: Diogo Cardoso at 67′ and Ari Almeida at 73′. The eagle, however, was not afraid and continued to increase the number of results.

Hugo Félix scored twice at 78′ and two of the substitutes used could also score: Iuri Moreira finished in the small area at 85′ and Ricardo Nóbrega signed the final 7-2′ at 90′.

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