THE BALL – Mijatovic: ‘I don’t believe Ronaldo ends up at At. Madrid’ (Manchester United)

Former Real Madrid player and sporting director Pedja Mijatovic doesn’t believe Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United for Atlético Madrid.

“How will Cristiano Ronaldo end up at Atletico Madrid? I don’t think that will happen. I am unaware of the situation and have no inside information, but how can anyone think this will happen. For the past 20 days they have been talking about the possibility of Atlético Madrid, but I really don’t believe it for many reasons. It would be very strange if Ronaldo came back to Madrid and played against Real Madrid. I should rub my eyes, because I would think it was a dream and it wasn’t happening,” the former Merengue player and coach said in statements to El Larguero.

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