Foundation for eye diseases: the ex-model with feline eyes will run for a good cause

After posing for fashion magazines all over the planet at the age of 16, the young Quebecer “with feline eyes” is preparing to run three marathons in 22 days for the Eye Disease Foundation.

Gabrielle Ouellet is no ordinary girl. Behind her cat eyes and that piercing look that allowed her to travel to Paris, London, Tokyo and New York at the age of 16 hides a young girl who has suffered a lot.

Affected by the “cat-eye” syndrome, a rare genetic condition, the native of Saint-Nicolas will have to learn very early to live with peripheral vision that has remained integrated and high myopia, a situation that makes her vulnerable.

“When I was a little girl, I saw my eyes as something very negative. My self-esteem has been very attributed, ”she reveals to the Log.

The former international model had two dreams: to have normal eyes and to be the next Canadian goalkeeper.

“In every city [du monde]I always had my Carey Price vest as a lucky charm”, trust the laughing one who performed well in the men’s teams in minor hockey.

York University

Now 26 years old and with a wealth of experience, he acknowledges that vision problems shaped her character and the woman she has become.

Her battle also helped her in a crazy world, that of fashion.

A full-time model for about three years, it was in 2016 that she decided to continue her studies.

He completed a bachelor’s degree at York University in Toronto and completed a master’s degree in management at the Schulich School of Business.

Today, she works for Glendon College at York University. In addition, he still accepts a few contracts as a model.

Go Challenge

In the fall, Gabrielle Ouellet took part in the GO deficit. The goal is to raise $50,000 for the Eye Disease Foundation and the achievement is to run three marathons in three weeks.

the old model will set off in Montreal on September 25, Quebec City on October 2 and Toronto on October 16.

“Research is the basis of technological advancements and I wanted to give back,” explains the inspiring woman who wears scleral lenses, with new and improved contact lenses. “It allows me to have almost normal vision. »

following an article published in The newspaper in 2014, Gabrielle Ouellet received several messages from people with visual impairments. It was then that she realized a comment that she could have an impact by getting involved with the Eye Disease Foundation.

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