Back to the Middle Ages with “I, the Inquisitor”

Polish development team The Dust is working on their next project, “I, the Inquisitor”, based on the fantastic work of Polish author Jacek Piekara.

The game offers a trip to the Middle Ages and the time of the Inquisition. Come see…

Polish studio The Dust is working on "I, the Inquisitor", their next project, a game about the Inquisition and the dark times it spawned.

The story of "I, the Inquisitor" is based on the book series of the same name by Polish author Jacek Piekara and reveals an alternate reality to the biblical story.

In this alternate story, Jesus manages to escape from the cross where he was crucified by the Romans and decides to take revenge on the infidels who betrayed, threatened and discredited him.

The action of "I, the Inquisitor", takes place fifteen hundred years after these events, at a time when there is a new "Inquisition", adapted to this new biblical story.

These new Inquisitors roam the Earth with a single objective: to persecute and slaughter all those who oppose the Church and thus perpetuate the vengeance of Jesus.

A climate of eternal terror has taken over the planet and it is in this environment that players find themselves immersed in "I, the Inquisitor".

The game, as can be seen, presents a narrative as a strong dish and introduces the player to the peaceful 16th century town of Koenigstein.

Here, in this peaceful and unsuspected land, the player takes on the role of an inquisitor named Mordimer Madderdin who is sent by the Holy See to this small town in an attempt to investigate a murder believed to be a ritual death. On the trail of the assassin, the player will have to find evidence and clues and carry out brutal and ruthless interrogations to discover the truth.

The course of the interrogations will be of the total freedom of the player. Whether by trickery or by force, everything is permitted in the search for the truth and our Inquisitor will be lawyer, judge and executioner on many occasions. Along the way, many tough decisions will have to be made, but that's part of the job that will take us on a non-linear adventure that builds around those player decisions and actions.

You will still have to visit the dangerous Unworld. It's another dimension Mordimer can travel to and uncover secrets hidden in the most hidden corners of suspects. However, it is a place full of danger as a dark force awaits its moment of freedom and only faith can keep Mordimer safe in the Unworld.

Along the way, countless enemies will also appear that will test our Inquisitor's faith, cunning, and swordsmanship.

"I, the Inquisitor" will be released on PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

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