Nuno Terras Marques, president of Visabeira: “We produce 50 million dishes a year for Ikea. It’s a pride”

In recent years, the Visabeira Group has established itself as one of the largest industrial conglomerates in the country, commanding a diversified commercial network from Viseu, which has only one of Vista Alegre’s many companies. Another is Ria Stone, in Ílhavo. “Today we are proud to have the most automated factory in the world in the production of dishes for Ikea,” says Visabeira Executive Chairman Nuno Terras Marques.

And, despite this automation, it has had a growing number of workers, today around 280. “Of course that gives employment. We produce 50 million dishes a year for Ikea”, specifies the manager. And he notes that Ria Stone’s position as a supplier to the Swedish multinational “is the fruit of Portuguese competence”.

This is an article from the weekly Expresso. Click on HERE to continue reading.

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